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                                                                       ideas and goals while building operational excellence"

Our Consulting Services

Manufacturing | Engineering | Operations

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Business Development

Develop long term and short term plans, collaborate with commercialization and identify alternate indications, set realistic goals, develop a symbiotic management team, and create functional organizational structures.

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Prototype and product development, research and development plans, design for manufacturing (DFM), cost effective design solutions, parallel path engineering solutions, risk assessment, and life testing.

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Manufacturing Operations

Develop manufacturing operations plan, continuous improvement, create long term and short term manufacturing goals, design manufacturing floor layouts, secure manufacturing locations, instill lean manufacturing and 5S strategies.

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Vendor Management

Securing vendor partnerships, qualifying vendor expertise to match actual need, Build vendor duplicity programs, Identify critical parts matched with local vendors, and set quality expectations and AQL levels.

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Quality Control

GAP analysis, develop work instructions, create procedural documentation, build inspection plans for part components and part assemblies, create forms for data and inspection retention, and develop QMS system.

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Create positive work environments, set team building goals, build proper management structure, collaborate with middle management, create culture audits and identify workplace morale roadblocks.

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Distribution and Logistics

Create partnerships with common carriers and 3PL partners, locate and negotiate facilities, create hub and spoke distribution, create long term and short term logistics goals, design packaging solutions that optimize shipping costs, and create and organize inventory solutions.





Our Core Values

With decades of experience in consulting and working closely with start-up, early-stage businesses and founders, we have attained a broad range of expertise in business operations solutions, engineering for critical components, manufacturing operations and delivering dynamic strategies to enhance and attain team output and goals. Our grassroots approach is down to earth with a “roll your sleeves up” mindset. Our extensive experience in a host of market segments will expedite your processes, enabling cost savings for you.


Gordon Hull | Owner

Born and raised in CT and a resident of Newtown CT, Gordon possesses a hands-on, role up your sleeve leadership style. He has led, taught, and mentored numerous engineering groups to unparalleled success. These attributes afforded him the unique ability to be a great problem solver and a solutions oriented individual. 

With a unique start to his career, Gordon began as a design draftsman to a Managing Director with 14 issued patents in several countries, to Chief Operations Officer. Gordon believes that no problem is too vast or without solution. In fact, his motto is “There is always a solution to a problem”.

As the Managing Director of an International Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Company, this position afforded Gordon the exposure into many market segments from the fortune 500 companies that have global reach with their products and applications, to the mom-and-pop type start up that needed help from inception to store shelf. This exposure has given Gordon a tremendous amount of knowledge and understanding of manufacturing and automation techniques both new and old. 

Gordon’s latest C-Level position for a Medical OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in Connecticut, has allowed him to apply his past learnings to propel this company into a rapid growth trajectory. Having built and led a dedicated staff of mechanical, software and firmware engineers, a customer service division, built a national logistics framework, field service and manufacturing assemblers, has allowed him to focus on product development and continuous improvement technologies within a newly formed product offering with multiple indications.  


Susan Conrad | Owner

Born and raised in CT, Susan is performance-driven, strategic and highly engaging. As a VP level Operations Management Professional, she excels in delivering service excellence, culture focused and strives for continuous improvements. As a successful business owner of multiple companies herself, her entrepreneurial spirit brings 30 years of experience in start-up and early-stage business development, revenue growth, vendor relations, contract negotiations, transforming & revitalizing operations, and facilitating process & performance improvements. 

Susan’s passion is building strong teams and creating a work culture that creates an inclusive environment of trust, transparency, fun and respect She also prides herself in enhancing customer and vendor satisfaction and has the ability to drive large-scale projects, functions and operations from concept-to-completion all in alignment with business requirements. 

Susan’s leadership style has a stabilizing influence, regardless of the situation, and she excels in all phases of project management, operations management, strategy, logistics and creative marketing insight. She has earned top recognition for optimizing profitability, staff performance, operational efficiencies, and bottom-line results. She showcases an ability to manage diverse projects & teams via collaborative leadership and analytical decision making. 

Susan is also proficient in several languages and has earned a reputation for delivering training & development for diverse groups. She has strategically transformed and revitalized underperforming teams and has enabled businesses to increase productivity and morale, through organizational structure analysis.


Our Service Area

The East Coast is our home base but we are proud to offer services throughout the entire US. We can collaborate remotely or be onsite with you through some or all of our solution processes. Reach out to us so we can get started on building the foundation to your start-up or expansion efforts

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonials | Actual Endorsements

You are both the consummate professionals who vastly, far exceeded any expectations we might have had. From patents to shrink wrap packaging of product, this operation is an exemplar at every step of the way - now observed firsthand. Kudos to your team!- Frank 

“I’ve been in and around a lot of manufacturing facilities in my career. 

You guys have created a work of art” – Sam A. 

“The people that work under you, absolutely adore you! You guys are doing a kick-a—job with your crew! Thank you so much! – Dennis B 

I would like to say a big thank you to Gordon and Susan for their leadership and management of the engineering and manufacturing team” – Frank A 

Thank you both for always having my back and making this a fun and exciting place to be and the SW team” – Joe K 

“Just wanted to let you know just how special of a person you are and how lucky we are to have you as a friend, colleague and as a leader in this company. I look up to you tremendously and I know so many other women in this company do too. Thank you for your grace, your humor and friendship – I don’t know what life would be here without you!!!!”Stacey V 

“You’re both forces of nature. Thank you for truly seeing each phase of development through at such a high standard of excellence. In my business consulting days, I’ve seen a lot of people in a lot of positions that they were never qualified to be in. You guys can write your own ticket, and you’ve proven your value beyond any question”  - James P. 

You guys make it happen! Seeing you both everyday is motivating. It keeps my head up when things get hard” David F. 

“Susan, you are a true gem! I can’t fathom where we would be without you.” - Miguel E 

“Thank you guys, once again for allowing me this opportunity! Always very educational and eye-opening learning from the best. Love the passion and encouragement you guys are always willing to share. Lori P 

“We truly appreciate your work ethic and how you adopt an approach to pursue excellence, you inspire us in everyway!”Terry G 

Susan and Gordon, thank you for making my first week fantastic! You both made me feel very welcome and I appreciated everything you did to prepare for my arrival. It certainly did not go unnoticed. I also want to thank you for all the time you spent with me. I have a lot to learn and you certainly helped speed up my learning curve. We will do great things together!” Samuel F 

“Hi Susan! I want to sincerely thank you! I have very much liked working at this company and I appreciate your guidance.” Donna L 

“Susan, thank you so much for speaking with me and taking the time out of your schedule to meet with me in person. I am so impressed with the Operations that you have developed. What an amazing organization. Your employees are so lucky to have you as a leader. Wishing you continued success.” - Beth W 

“Gordon and Susan possess an impressive breadth of knowledge and expertise that make them stand out in any industry. Their hard work and intelligence are evident in everything they do, and I have no doubt that they can handle practically every aspect of a company and improve upon what's already there.” – Craig C

I have had the pleasure of watching Gordon and Susan work together seamlessly, complementing each other's strengths and coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems. Their teamwork is a testament to their strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and shared values. – Henry W

If you're looking for experienced, knowledgeable, and personable professionals to take your company to the next level, look no further than Gordon and Susan. They have my highest recommendation, and I am confident that they will exceed your expectations.” – William D

“Your facility and process is very impressive! I look forward to working with you” – Tammy S

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