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Make the best first impression.

Transform Your Space

Staging is the art of preparing a home or business for sale. Prospective home buyers want to imagine themselves preparing family breakfasts in your kitchen. Business owners seek to visualize employees answering customer calls in your office space. With that in mind, it’s our job to transform your residential or commercial interior into an inviting space that anyone can see themselves living or working in. With our design eyes we’ll reimagine this space to maximize the benefits of the space to attract potential buyers.





Increase Value & Sell Fast

Staging has been deemed essential by today’s real estate agents, with a proven ability to increase market value and sell properties fast. If you want the upper hand over competition, hiring GS Enterprises LLC will tip the scales to SOLD. Staging is a lucrative investment, and GS Enterprises LLC does it best.



Customize Staging to Your Buyers

GS Enterprises LLC considers both the financial and emotional aspects of buying, strategically planning our residential and commercial staging to appeal to a wide demographic. Using our demographic model, we tap into a potential buyer's sense of style, giving your home or business a competitive edge on the market.

We understand how stunning “to date” furnishings turn rooms into visual stories, sparking the imagination of buyers who often felt uninspired by vacant properties. Our spaces are styled yet relatable, ensuring your house or business will captivate attention and leave an unforgettable impression.


Ramp Up Curb Appeal, Too

Interior staging is incredibly important, but where does your potential buyer get their actual first impression? Your exterior. With experience in both the real estate industry and landscape design, we know just how off putting a landscape can be if not properly maintained, which is why we can also amp up your curb appeal. Our landscape services can be provided as part of your staging and re-design service.


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