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PPD Management

Let us be the “insurance policy” for your insurance policy.

Change the Outcome

Ask yourself, can you honestly list out every item in your home or business and its value for your insurance company, so that you can recover the proper value for your belongings? If you cannot list items that are lost, you will lose large amounts of settlement money because the insurance company will not know what to pay.

  1. Do you know exactly what you have in each room of your home or business?
  2. Do you know the value of your possessions?
  3. Do you have “peace of mind” if there was a catastrophic event with your home or business?
  4. Do you have time to document and catalog all possessions?
  5. Do you trust that your insurance company will cover all your possessions with your current insurance coverage?
  6. Do you update your schedule with all new purchases made with receipt retention and descriptions?

Our goal at GS Enterprises LLC is to provide peace of mind in case of a catastrophic loss of your home or personal property do to fire, flood, or burglary. We offer Personal Property Documentation Services (PPD Management) to put your mind at ease in a time of crisis for you and your family. When a disaster strikes emotions run high and the only thing you should worry about is taking care of yourself and your family and not having to fight or confront your insurance company about property loss in your home or business.

Let us be the “insurance policy” for your insurance policy.

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What if you have no personal property documented?

You will not receive full settlement for your personal property loss! Most people cannot remember every single item in their home. Proof of possession and ownership are still required for many items of higher value.  Without any documentation, your insurance adjuster is in full control of your claim and can pay whatever they deem is appropriate. Your claim process can be delayed for weeks, often months, due to lack of information and documentation that the insurance company needs to move forward with your claim.

Furthermore, if you spend time after a loss to regenerate documentation regarding your property, you could be late in filing your claim and once more giving your insurance company another reason to deny your claim.

*As always, read your policy for exact language contained, but notify your carrier immediately if any damage is incurred.

Why Use Our Services?

Notes of your belongings written in a legal pad from years past will not be enough to convince an adjuster of your personal belongings. We act as an unbiased 3rd party, documenting your possessions, with clear and interpretable photographs that are comprehensive, descriptive and useful for communicating unbiased facts.

What sets us apart? As Document Control Specialists we document your contents prior to a loss and not AFTER!

Nearly as important in avoiding any type of litigation are site notes, forms, diagrams and measurements which we provide at your request. Properly documenting your possessions creates transparency which, in turn, fosters mutual understanding, respect and cuts down on litigation expense and time up to 70%. This will assist in eliminating “lowball” estimates and settlement offers, difference of opinion over content, value of losses and the confusion over what’s covered and what’s not. Having the required information before a loss will ensure that you can immediately provide the insurance company the documentation needed to quickly receive a full settlement for all items and most importantly get you and your family back on track.

What We Do For You - Our Process

GS Enterprises LLC will come to your home or business after a brief questionnaire and create a detailed inventory of your possessions in the specified rooms, through photo, spreadsheet and or video documentation. You will receive a digital copy and an individual report securing key factors such as item make, model, dimensions, part and label numbers, country of origin, etc. (if applicable) needed for the insurance company to process your claim.

Ownership documentation gives you far more control in the claims process. It’s that simple!


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