35 Years of Business & Manufacturing Consulting

There is No Substitute for Experience

GS Enterprises LLC has over 35 years of experience in the Automotive, Medical, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Textile, and Military manufacturing markets. We develop manufacturing plans (MOP) for expansion or for start-ups. Our years of experience and expertise will give you an advantage in getting your product to market faster with minimal impact on time to shipment as well as reducing cost overruns.

From warehouse layout to inventory control and organization, our consulting team will develop a plan for organization and optimization.





Lean Manufacturing &
Best Business Practices

If you are manufacturing and need help streamlining your process, we can develop a Lean Manufacturing plan. We can debug your current process to increase productivity and quality, so you can deliver a reliable product to your customer day in and day out. QA procedures are critical to smooth production flow. Periodic reviews of your drawings and QA procedures can help find issues before they become costly unusable inventory.

From setting up assembly instructions to packaging and freight logistics, GS Enterprises LLC can help you in every step of the process - From receiving to shipping or anything in between.

Vendor Procurement

We can procure a vendor to fabricate your parts or build sub-assemblies, so that parts come in completed with certified paperwork to save time and labor expenses. Finding the right suppliers to machine your products and increase repeatability in your final assemblies is crucial. We can assist in procuring the optimal vendors to fit your needs. We foster partnerships not customer / vendor relationships.


Product Development &
Trade Show Logistics

From prototyping to research and design guidance, we can expedite a new product into production. Forward us your designs and parts and we can secure rapid prototyping facilities to bring your ideas and designs to life.

If you are attempting to make a trade show deadline or need help creating a booth for that trade show, we have services that will take the frustration out of that process. We can coordinate or manage your trade show schedule for you, so you can concentrate on your business and keeping your customers happy and exceed their expectations.


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